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PD22 System

PD22 System

Listavia set out to bring the economies of the marine roll trailer system into the aviation ground handling market. The thousands of airside drawbar tractors already in existence were already ballasted to achieve tractive grip for pulling loads, PD22 System
PD22 System so Listavia invented a method of lifting roll trailers without transferring weight onto the tractors. The PD 22 coupling is a neat and clever patent device that lifts and carries the front end of the trailer, on a freely castoring set of support wheels. The tractor only pulls; it does not carry any load, so the operator can fit the unique coupling to his existing fleet of tractors.
The PD 22 system comprises only three main components for handling and storing all types of load - low bed roll trailers - standard drawbar tractors - and the PD 22 coupling unit. Pick up and drop is carried out by the driver from the safety of his cab. PD22 System
PD22 System The tractor is freed from waiting with the trailer, achieving a much higher utilisation, than with conventional tractor-trailer trains. Roll trailers cost far less per unit load than conventional drawbar pallet dollies and trailers, and the amount of clutter on the tarmac is greatly reduced.