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Moving Walkways

Moving Walkways

As airports and shopping malls grow ever larger, the need for moving walkways has grown. Walkway Front Listavia recognised the need for walkways which could be quickly moved and extended, without the necessity to cut holes and troughs in floors. Listavia’s patented flat floor walkways meet these requirements, and are ideal for Airport Terminals, Marine Terminals, Railway terminals, Rapid Transit Systems, Bus terminals, Factories, Exhibition Centres, Hospitals, Schools, Shopping Malls, Supermarkets and Hypermarkets.


Main Features

Lays on existing floors - No floor pits Low Profile - 150mm Slashes civil engineering costs
Quick installation and removal
Easy to re-locate
Modular and extendible
Walk-on, walk-off

Easy gradient, non-slip ramps

Only 150mm deep – no need to dig expensive pits into the floor
Double Handrail Walkways

Walkway Technology

Spearheading Innovation - The rapid development of airports around the world has created the demand for extendible walkways, which can be installed anywhere and be re-located quickly and easily, without incurring civil engineering costs.

Conventional moving walkways require pits in theWalkway Side building floor, making them expensive to install or move, and greatly restricting their location. Listavia’s patented Low-Profile technology is a new Engineering concept which eliminates these restrictions altogether The walkway drive machinery is all above ground, so that the operator can place the complete walkway on any suitable flat floor, and re-locate and extend it to accommodate changes in pedestrian traffic flow. The invention slashes civil engineering costs, simplifies site preparation, and speeds up delivery, installation and re-location.

The civil engineering costs and problems normally associated with walkways are virtually eliminated.


The walkways are constructed from standard modules, enabling the user to extend or reduce the overall length by 5 or 10 metre increments. Walkway Moduler All components except the central drive casings are interchangeable between models throughout the range, so keeping spares stockholdings to a minimum.